Lord, Who Am I?

For the past few months, I have found myself asking the same question over and over again. I’ve tried reading books. I’ve tried listening to beautiful songs about identity. I’ve tried listening to podcasts and encouraging videos on YouTube. I’ve tried asking others “how did you find you?”. I’ve cried out, gotten weary in my … Continue reading Lord, Who Am I?

A Candle’s Revelation

Just like a candle doesn't know it's potential until it's set ablaze .. So set me ablaze within. That I may recognize what lies deep down inside of me. Show me. That there's no need to compare a masterpiece since it's a literal Piece of the Master The 'Master's Piece'. Oh how He's Mastered every … Continue reading A Candle’s Revelation

You’re Not Interrupting Him. He’s Expecting You.

This morning my sister and I were having a conversation that went a little something like this: Her: "Wait, what you gotta do today?" Me: "Conference at 4, afterward we'll probably sit around and talk." Her: "Meaning I'm interrupting  your morning around 11:15" Me: "Whew such low perspective. You see it as an interruption, but … Continue reading You’re Not Interrupting Him. He’s Expecting You.